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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 21, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter. no end in sight with the battle royale on the sequestration. a new u.s. today/pew poll shows just who would pay the price. 49% say the congressional republicans would get the blame if a deal sunday reached. when it comes to who has the better approach, the president edges out congressional republicans. hi took his sequester fight to
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eight local tv stations across the nation. >> instead of us cutting mental health programs, affecting military readiness. we should be focused on programs we know don't work and some of tax loopholes we could close that frankly just benefit the well off and well connected. now i need congress to act and they have nine days to do it. >> congress is not working, and congress is no working because we've got this ideological confrontation. if we got a deal, in my opinion, it would be the single biggest stimulus package we could pass. the restoration the confidence would be magnified. >> president obama is not taking his foot off the gas today. just a short time from now, he takes his pitch to african-american radio stations.
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today democratic strategist james carville said the republicans need a true leader to emerge and stand up. >> if i'm a republican, i want everybody to run for president and you want someone to beat somebody who stands up and looks strong. herman contain and michele bachmann don't count. the republicans needs somebody a leader to slap somebody back. we have april ryan. john braybender is a rep strategist. the president taking it to local tv stations and appears with reverend al sharpton, yolanda and other radio hosts, do you think it's the best way to do it? >> the people resonate with this president. that is where he finds his mojo. it's not near in the beltway.
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he's having this problem eight days out, trying to get a resolution to sequester. the without is pushing and excited about this new u.s. today poll that shows the majority of americans want to get this deficit situation fixed. if sequester does happen there's 750,000 jobs that would be lost. marsha fudge, the head of the black caucus says indeed if that happens we're going back into recession. >> let's look more at the new "u.s. today" poll and show everybody, 40% are saying let the cuts happen. 49% are saying delay the cuts.
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margie, when we find out the president and white house are coming out smelling better than a lot of people might anticipate them to do, so why not just let this go through? if republicans are going to look so bad, wouldn't you as a democratic strategist say, you know what? let's go through this, they'll get the blame. >> they're not looking at the political calculation, but what the effect will be for the american people. you're talking about over 1 million kids will lose. first responders, airport security, i mean, there are all kinds of real impact, real direct impact on our everyday life. that's why the president is out talking to voters, making sure that they hear of emergency of what's going on in washington and how dysfunctional it's become. one other thing i would note from that u.s. today and pew poll, republicans are divided on how they feel about the leadership, whether they approve
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or discusses approved. >> john, you have to be scratching your head. we have that "wall street journal" op-ed from john boehner in which he says a week from now a dramatic new policy is sid to go into effect that threatens u.s. national security, thousands of jobs and more, and then byron york, from "the washington examiner" he put out a piece basically saying could the gop message on the sequester be any more self-defeating. he goes on to say about john boehner, instead he describes it as being a threat to national security, jobs he nevertheless supports it's not an argument likely to persuade millions of americans. how did john boehner get into such a corner? >> i think the whole republican party has gotten into a corner by letting the president off the hook. here's a president almost a spending addict, the debt has gone up dram lick. what nobody is talking about is we are taking this credit card and pasting it to the next gen wrags, which is unconscionable.
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there's always been a promise from one generation to the next we would leave america better and stronger. instead we're kicking the can down the road and telling them good luck. i think it's outrageous. why aren't peopleal home saying we just need a balanced-budget amendment. >> if you talk about that, john, with the fact that we're leaving america worse off, a lot of economists would disagree with you, but knowing we need to get or revenue under control, in hindsight why would john boehner agree and say i got 98% of what i wanted. >> first of all, i think most people thought this would never come to fruition. it should very called being put in time-out. this is like, if we don't do our homework, we can't watch tv. this is a completely dysfunctional washington to begin with on both sides. if they used common sense,
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people understand that and people would support that. >> it's managing by crisis. as we look today from the "u.s. today" policy, i want to switch topic, the question being whose approach on guns do you support? president obama gets 45% congressional republicans, 39% from republicans. april, when we see that, it's tight, but the white house is leading on this. where can the president, where can the white house facilitate a larger lead? their message? >> when you have republicans, the similar with without are in states like new jersey, where the governor is looking at tougher gun laws, and the state of new jersey, for instance back in the '80s then attorney general peter harvey created the assault ban in that state.
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they have assault ban there. now the current law in new jersey, you can buy a handgun, but if you buy -- for each handgun you own, you have to have a license, but you can have a license -- just one license for as many rifles as you said. that may be some of the reasons they're trying to crack down there. we are waiting for the vice president, who will be appears in connecticut today, delivers remarks at a conference on gun violence hosted by senator blumenthal. also senator chris murphy will be there in attendance. again the vice president is due to give his remarks coming up at 1:00, but i do want to show everybody how the nra is out with its new ad, how they're fighting back. take a look. >> obama's 2008 comments to a room of san francisco elitessh quote -- it's not surprising, then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion.
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the arrogance of their superiority requires this reminder -- they don't give us rights. we grant them power. john, i want your take on this ad. they name dropped bill clinton in there as well. what is your reaction to seeing how the nra is pushing back. >> president vice president yesterday said everybody should get a shotgun. >> isn't it proof they support the second amendment and americans' rights to own a gun? >> what they believe second amendment is they believe -- and they actually mock what they don't agree with, such as they did say about pennsylvania's my hometown, that they stick to their guns and their religion. i think that was a great insult, and i don't think they understand really the freedom aspects of this, people in
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places like pennsylvania, heck, in pennsylvania, assault weapons are part of the culture? >> look, this is -- >> but you use a shotgun to get a deer, right? >> this is about freedom versus making logical changes. why aren't we talking about making guns out of the hands of those mentally incompetent. >> that's part of the conversation as well. >> and where is this conversation that i don't seem to be hearing on hollywood and how they celebrate gun abuse, violence and that type of things. >> i'm surprised you're upsit that the vice president would do a gun commercial for a shotgun. why does that upset you? >> i really wasn't. i just found whenever joe biden does something there's sort of a "saturday night late schism behind it. our panel, thanks to all three of you. i appreciate it. joining us our conversation, wire talking the game of chicken over sequestration. i'm joined by republican
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congressman mario diaz into lard of florida. why do we as a country have to live through this? as we look at the results of the poll, who's going to get the blame, republicans are not going to come out so well. the gopers have the weaker political position. doesn't that worry you? >> no, what worries me is what's right for the country. the reason we have sequestration so we have sequestration, a fact of life. we have to replace across the board cuts to frank ly they hav refused to do that.
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the president said he wasn't going to receive any changes in the past. now the president says he wants changes to sequestration. i agree with that, keep the level of cuts, but change again the arbitrary nature of them, which is why i voted on two occasion to change the cuts in sequestration to more bell-reasoned cuts, but unfortunately no help from either the administration or the senate. we hope they will come up with sequestration. i will tell you, it's very interesting. we now know the administration can single handedly -- the first year is $85 billion, roughly. we now know there's $115 billion in payments that have gone to people who either don't qualify for them or it's frankly just wrong payments. that could be done tomorrow. that's $115 billion just in waste that has just been released the president can do
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that tomorrow, but unfortunately it looks like we're going to go to the brink once again, but we've passed legislation in the house to change the sequestration cuts. >> i don't think anybody would disagree with you on trying to shore up where waste is spent through our government. one thing i do want to get you on the report, is talking about governor rick scott and the fact he's done this turnaround on the affordable health care act and what that means to florida yanks, also what it means to how the press coverage of rick scott has been. saying this is just another this is everest wilkinson calling scott a benefit arnold to the patriot and tea party movement in florida. is this just rick scott doing what's politically easy for someone that is looking to seek reelection? i think the reality is there's a lot of pressure,
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so-called free money to pay 100% of medicaid. the reality is, in the legislation, that 100% then starts being reduced. number two is when you look at the cbo numbers in the future, there is no such thing as 100% payment from medicaid. i think rick scott was sigh how he could deal with it. the pressure is to take this free money as if it's coming from no place. it's going to be interesting to see what happens to the states when that federal money starts drying up. then who will be left holding the balance. is it the -- we don't know. i understand why governor scott has a choice to make, because the problem with obama care, not
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only is the numerous tax increasing, something that kicked in. after that, well, we'll see what happens. we'll see where that free money will come from. the states have difficult choices to make. that's what governor scott is dealing with. >> all right. thank you so much, congressman mario diaz into lard, i appreciate you making time for march. coming up, more drama in the case involving oscar pistorius. a new lead investigator is in, why this case is already being compared to the trial of the century here at home. plus former congressman jesse jackson jr. pleading guilty to fraud. his father, the reverend jesse jackson joins me next. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
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not a proud day. i'm sorry i low everybody down. >> former congressman jesse jackson jr. outside a courthouse yesterday after he pled guilty to charges that he misused campaign funds. he will be sentenced in june, so we won't know his fate until then, but right now his father, the ref endjesse jackson sr. joins me to talk about this and other topics. i want to begin by asking how your son is doing and your reaction initially? i can only imagine disappointment, but must be relieved that he's owned up. >> it's been a long ordeal, a sad day, even on the saddest hour, so proud of him being forthright and truthful, accepting responsibility for his actions, and willing to accept the consequence of those actions. that is the dignity he embraces.
8:21 am
i support him in those actions. >> did you see any behavior that you exhibited that you found to be questionable during the time period he was spending that type of money to buy lavish things? did you notice unpredictable behavior? itches i did not. for example, woe no way of detecting the bipolar disorder that sent him into the mood swings. we just missed that. he kept serving his constituency well and related to his family wells. very late did we detect something awry, and when we did, we took him to the doctor. bipolar is not detectible by the naked eye, and we found that that was a factor. he did not lean on his medical condition. i've done something wrong for which i'm sorry, i made a
8:22 am
mistake. he was contrite and said i want -- he was being forthright, accepting responsibility, though painful, a proud moment. >> do you expect him to return to politics after all the justice system and whatever his punishment will be is served? >> i do not know about politics. i know it's a sad chapter, but not the last chapter. he's 47. he's a writer, a thinker, a strategist. he'll get back up again, and he'll get back up with lots of family love. >> sir, switching gears to current politics and chicago gun violence being in the news, we know that senator mark kirk, they're sponsoring a bipartisan bull to -- named after the 15-year-old girl killed in chicago a week after performing
8:23 am
at the inauguration. this after another teen was gund down. her sister attended the president's speech on gun violence in chicago. such a weird coincidence of events here. do you feel that urban gun violence in the wake of newtown is finally getting the attention it deserves? >> she was an unfortunate victim, and one of several victims in chicago. guns flew in and they're trafficked. gun fly into what legitimately becomes legitimate purchases, and home foreclosures. you have this impact of 45% poverty. so you really need a more comprehensive program. it's the -- and so i think the president is on the right track, because in many ways, the message is national security. we lose more americans to gun
8:24 am
violence at home than in iraq and afghanistan combined. >> again i just remind everybody, the vice president will be delivering remarks on gun violence today in dan bury, connecticut. sir, thanks for your time. i appreciate your time coming on with meivities thank you, sir. we have this breaks news from las vegas. a shootout left three people dead. police say it started with a range rover stopped at a red light aside a maserati. somebody in the maserati open fired. both cars took off, but the maserati crashed into a taxicab. the range rover fled the scene and police are still looking for the drivers. police think three other vehicles may have been involved. clearly it's a developing story with fluid details. coming up, what's in a name? why a million moms are no longer fighting gun control.
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[ engine revs ] boat protection people love. now, that's progressive. call or click today. winter storm warnings for nearly half the country. here's a live look from wichita, kansas, just one area hit by the storm. at least one death blamed on the storm system. republican senator richard shelby will vote for confirm chuck hagel. he told "the deat a time further daily" that he has concerns, but still plans to support him. the oscar pistorius case is already being compared to o.j. simpson's trial. even before the laid detective
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just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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right now lease a 2013 tiguan for $219 a month. ♪ more quists and dramatic developments in the murder case against pistorius. new questions about the athlete's actions, and all of this has niker formally suspends its contract with the sprinter, still insisting that he deserves due process form the biggest news by far, a jaw-dropping oversight by the prosecution concerning the lead police investigator. nbc's michelle kosinski is live at the court in prey toria. >> reporter: first this was a battle. how police gathered evidence.
8:33 am
now we know the chief police investigator faes attempted murder charges against him for a shooting that happened on the job. he is now off the case. then it was the prosecutors' turn to blow holes in pistorius' account of what happened that night the he claims he dropped the gun right after the shooting. prosecutors say it was found in a different place, right next to both of their cell phones. they say how did those three objects get together in that place? they call this totally inconsisten inconsistent they i said he could not explain. he thought this was a burglar, and he grab the -- but they say he had to walk by her three times, you think this is a burglars, but not even going to see if she's in the bed with you? they say hi account is totally implausible, he's prone to
8:34 am
violence, and he is bound to be convict convicted. >> michelle, thank you. the superstar@lease, his gorgeous girlfriend shot. and shoddy police work, can you think of any case this reminds you of? comparisons have lever been drawn. "the crest jane screens monitor" article asking if this is south afri africa's version of the o.j. simpson trial. joining me is robert shapiro. to talk with your insights, especially given the new developme development, the lead detective facing seven charges, from a case in 2011. your team raised doubts about the lapd, the investigators pointing holes in the investigation. what kind of advantage will this
8:35 am
give to the courts in the development at least for the defense? >> you know, i really don't think the detectives are going to be much of an issue in this case. comparing this case to simpson, there's really only one similarity that is superstar athletes accused of killing a beautiful significant other. other than that, the simpson case was a classic who is responsible for the murder case? is the pistorius case of, what is it? he's admitted doing the shooting, so the question is was it a premeditated murder? or is it a justification homicide? >> right now as we're only in the bail phase for this, as it's almost like we're already in trial, but explain the differences between proceedings in the u.s., and the legal
8:36 am
proceedings in south africa. there is the presumption of innocence so far. >> there is a great difference. that's a great question, thomas. very few people are really addressing it properly. the main difference is in morn we have trial by jury. in south africa jury trials were eliminated in 1930 because of apartheid, and because of the lack of ability of anybody to get a fair trial there because of race relations. so here this case is going to be determined by one judge, and that judge is going to be looking at pistorius, is going to hear his story and look him in the eye and make a decision, do i believe him or do i not believe him? that's where the case will rise or fall. is it also going to be a huge reliance on the forensics of the case itself? we notify the gun was fired by
8:37 am
pistorius. it's just matching up where it was fired in the fashion he says it was, in a fashion of feeling vulnerable, and the fact that he ways trying to thwart a robbery? >> again, i don't think it's going to be a forensic case. i think this is going to be a simple case of pistorius is going to testify, simpson didn't testify. the judge is going to make one decision. he's not going to say do i have reasonable doubt. he's going to say, do i believe what mr. pistorius is telling us? do i believe that he actually felt that there was a burglar in the house and that he reasonably believed that his life was in danger if he didn't take action and shoot through a closed door at an unknown target that he believed was a burglarivities the other similarity, it certainly has gripped the attention of the world just like o.j.'s case did back in the '90s. robert shapiro, nice to see you.
8:38 am
thanks for your time. >> my pleasure. thanks, thomas. just moments from now joe biden will make comments in dan bury, connecticut, in aen pa that includes families and survivors of gun violence the since newtown, just over two months ago more than 2,000 people have been killed by guns. that shocking statistic is made even more shocking by the fact that nearly 150 those killed were under the age of 18. as a new ad for mayors against illegal guns points out, every day eight children are killed by guns. >> that's one child every three hours. >> one child. >> one child, one child. >> every three hours. >> enough. >> enough. demand a plan. >> shannon watts is a founder of moms demand action for gun sense, but first the name of the organization making news. you formed it in the weeks after newtown, originally called one
8:39 am
million moms for gun control. why the change in name, rebranding? >> we've learned that gun control can be a polarizing term. what we want is an umbrella that fits the 81 million moms in the country. we are a nonpartisan organization. in order to do that, we felt we needed to rebrand and rename in and out as a young organization, with the ultimate goal of becoming a mothers again drunk driving for gun control. >> you know. this isn't about defeating moms. it's about bringing them together. there are 80 million. if we come together with one cause, which is common-sense gun laws in this country, we can be victorious in our efforts to make our children and our families safer. that's our main goal. it isn't about anything but bringing people together for common sense.
8:40 am
>> shannon, let me talk about the ad for a second. you teamed up with mayors against illegal guns and demand a plan, that campaign. what specifically do you want to see from our lawmakers? obviously we see the vice president continuing to lead the charge in public discussion. >> yes, we want to see a xre hence i have been package voted on and passed. moms will not stand by any more and allow congress to turn its back on common-sense gun laws. we want to see a common-sense ban, background checks, and regulation on ammunition. we are a force to be reckoned with. if they don't happen, they will see us again in the mid terms. shannon watts, and a new twitter handle, too. thanks for your time. >> thank you. i appreciate it. out with the old and in with the old, too? republicans try to rebrand, but the faces remain the same. we have crystal ball, she joins
8:41 am
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for a current prospectus, visit we want to show you live pictures of lincoln, nebraska, amid this almost blizzard, expecting up to 17 inches in lincoln. a big chunk of the country dealing with a massive storm today. so for months we've been talking about how the republican party is trying to rebrand itself, do just about anything to avoid another disastrous cycle, but you know that saying, the more things change, the more they stay the same. yesterday the political action conference better known as cpac, announced that mitt romney will be one of the speaker at the annual conference in march. with me to sound off on this is crystal ball, comost of msnbc's "the cycle."
8:45 am
we have look at the lineup here. it's very interesting. wayne la pierre, mitt romney, sarah palin, newt gingrich, rick santorum, so hail hail, the gang's all here coming out. >> right. >> if think rebranding you how in the heck is this rebranding. >> interesting is mitt romney wasn't popular with conservatives. they never really trusted him. i've been thinking about what would be the logical -- where is an area he could contribute. part of the problem is you can't really put your finger on any one particular issue, that he was super-passionate about. elevator safety for garages? >> maybe that. maybe tax avoidance strategying, but i think that's part of the problem for him, but it's not so much the familiar faces that are the problem for the republican party. it's the fact that their rhetoric and their message and
8:46 am
policies are so tired. if these same people came out, but they had some fresh ideas, that would be interesting. the problem is the republican party has drawn a line in the sand, they will not increase taxes. they will not stand for anything that could be amnesty. they will not go to cap and trade. very clear about what they're against, but no one knows what they're for at this point. that's the real problem. >> car rove reignited the war with the gop's -- and let me play this for us. it was his reaction on fox last night to criticism by bob woodward. take a look. >> woodward goss on fox news sunday and calls me a members of the pullet bureau. they enslaved hundreds of millions, oversaw the extermination of tens of millions and during the cold war threatened the united states with nuclear annihilation.
8:47 am
just because he can get away with calling me a communist, and nobody is bothered by that. >> is karl rove in trouble moving forward? and his relevance, especially for those with answer ax to grind that may have been burned in the past, is he in trouble? >> absolutely. woodward is the least of his worries. he uses a classic tactic, the liberal media going after me saying these insane things, but the problem is it's not just the liberate media. the more tea party antiestablishment part of that party is really going after him. i don't often quote newt gingrich, unironically, but he made something that made sense about rove's efforts? he said our problems are deeper and more complex than candidates. he's right. just putting more money into the system isn't -- to solve the problem. karl rove, not only was he wrong about virtually everything, but his groups had a is.29% return
8:48 am
on investment. so people who invested with him also really not happy right now. >> let the record show that you quoted positively newt gingrich. you'll have a friend this afternoon. thank you so much. you can watch crystal as she hosts "the cycle" here. laura bush apparently wants no part of a new marriage equality act. she's asking the collision to remove the video clip of her from the ad. her spokeswoman says she does not approve of it and is not associated with the group. dick cheney and colin powell were also included in that ad. coming up next, marriage inequality comes with a price tag. we're going to talk about the financial impact with lincoln chaimee, and suze orman. don't go anywhere. the travel industry expects 2013 to be a big year for the boomer travel market, with many
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>> as they determine activists raise warns about the cost of keeping things unequal, and my next two guests are spearheading a discussion about that issue today at new york university. joining us now it's moderator "new york times" best-selling author cnbc host and illinois native suzy orman and lincoln chaffey. governor, i want to start with you and ask about rhode island and where it stands right now. we know that the efforts have been made. how close is it to happening? >> we had passed marriage equality in the house of representatives. it was an overwhelming vote.
8:53 am
51-19. number of swing votes there. i pledged to sign the bill if it passes the senate. we have it halfway there through the house with an overwhelming vote. >> just a few of the levels because the truth of the matter is we need an hour to talk about all the financial inequalities that exist, but let's just say that you are married. remember, marriage equality is only on the state level. it's not on the federal level at
8:54 am
all. it's not recognized by the federal government, so here you are and you are working and you have -- now you want to cover him or her on your health insurance premiums. they are going to have positive pay income taxes on the costs of the insurance premiums. heterosexual couples would not have to do that. there are estate tax implications, and, again, income tax implications. social security implications. all kinds of ways where straight couples get breaks. homosexual couples do not. it costs the economy because money that's going into extra taxes, into these other expenses could be going into the economy to benefit everybody. >> suze, i know you did a special on this on cnbc last summer, and kind of big head scratcher out of this was that gay and lesbian couples pay more in this country to be treated unequally. >> so does that make any sense?
8:55 am
it doesn't make any sense anymore. listen, we are 2013, and the time has come now that doma is ended, that everybody is treated equal. there should be no financial inequalities anywhere. there should be no emotional inequalities. as the governor will tell you, he not only considers this a civil rights issue, but it also is a financial issue as well. this is the time now starting in march when we're going to hear these arguments starting in the supreme court that hopefully we can get everybody on board to understand that everybody financially in my opinion is getting hurt by this. not just gay couples. >> governor, i want to give you the last word, and you talked about how the economic message is tied in to the overall equality message for rhode island. have those economic factors or that argument -- pardt of the argument, has it resonated with elected leaders in rhode island? >> yes, because rhode island's
8:56 am
economy is lagging. unemployment is unacceptably high. one of the highest in the country. so we have to make that up. especially since our neighboring state, connecticut, mass marks new hampshire, vermont, maine, new york all have marriage equality. if we're going to be competitive, we've got to get this passed. we've got it through the house. now we want to get it through the senate. as su sfwl e says well, need to work on the federal level on doma, defense of marriage act. fix that mistake. these are all good ways to fix or economy. we have the talent. we have the technology. now we have to have the tolerance. >> the supreme court takes it up coming up next month. i want to thank both of you. great to have both of you on. cnbc's suze orman, governor chafy. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. joining us then los angeles mayor anthonio villaragossa david nakamura, ari mellbe and
8:57 am
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